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Typical weekday schedule:

6am hour   :00-:05 CBS News        :05-:29 TSN Farm and Ranch Show         :30 Trading Post         :43 Ag Weather    :45 Ag Markets     :50 Bloomberg Report     :55 Today in History

7am hour    :00-:10 CBS World News Roundup    :11 Lunch Menus     :15 Ag Markets   :25Birthday Club    :30 Local Headlines    :35 Good Neighbor Salute    :40 TSN Sports     :45The Day-by-Day Philosopher   :55 TSN News

8am hour   :00 The Weather Guy     :05-:15 KPAN Local News   :20 Coach's Interview  :30TV and Movie Review    :45-9:00 A.M. Interview    (:25 Tuesday-Friona Bulletin Board, :25 Thursday-Castro County Connection)

9am hour    :00CBS News   :04 Local news headlines    :33 News Headlines    :50 Bloomberg Report    :55 TSN News

11am hour    :00 CBS News   :30 News Headlines  :50 Bloomberg Report  Thursdays at 11:55am Playa Country.

Noon Hour   :00 TSN Mid-day Report   :15 Lone Star Farm and Ranch Show  :30 KPAN Trading Post   :35 KPAN Local News     :40 Focus on Ag     :43 Weather     :45 Irrigation Talk   :50 Ag Policy Perspectives    :54 Beef Roundup

1pm hour     :00 CBS News     :11 Bloomberg Boot Camp     :35 FBSW Closing Commodity Report      :50 Bloomberg Market Report

Afternoon programs include  Passport to Texas at 2:50, Focus on the Family Commentary at 4:06, Cowboys Update at 4:20, AgNet Markets at 4:25,  TSN News and Ag at 5:00, TSN Sports at 5:15 and Bloomberg Texas Report at 5:50. Tuesdays from 2:00-4:00pm the Official Texas Countdown.

TEJANO SHOW is from 6-8 pm daily, except when pre-empted by live sports coverage. KPAN Spanish Local News is at 6:30pm weekdays. Details are on the Tejano page.

Evening programs include live sports broadcasts (see schedule at sports), music and CBS News on the hour.

Saturday includes Best of Texas Countdown from 2:00-4:00pm.

Sunday includes This Week in Austin at 7:30, 20 Minutes of Power at 9am, First Baptist Church worship services at 10:50 (First United Methodist services on the 4th Sunday of each month).








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